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DECEMBER 16, 2023 


It is difficult to believe it has been one month since the tragedy that claimed the lives of six members and impacted many others. These emotionally charged weeks have challenged the very core of the Tuscarawas Valley School district. We, as a T.V. community, have mourned the loss of family members, and supported those healing with both physical and emotional scars.


Through these four challenging weeks, we have witnessed the worst and best life has to offer. The outpouring of support expressed from the surrounding community to the Tuscarawas Valley district has been nothing short of remarkable. Gifts of charity through acts of service, kindness, and monetary donations have done their best to attempt to blunt the pain and trauma.


We realize, as a foundation, no monetary donation can bring back the smile or laughter of a loved one, nor can it heal wounds. Those countless donors undeniably understood this fact as well; but sometimes a donation is given in the expectation not to “buy” empathy, but to be the currency of hope.


The Trojan Foundation pivoted from its scholarship roots to embrace the hope passed from hands near and far. It is now our continued mission to ensure these swiftly growing funds find their way to those impacted by this horrible tragedy.


Since rewriting both bylaws and policies in late November, The Trojan Foundation board has personally reached out to those families most affected by this tragedy. We have established lines of communication, and began to disseminate the first of many funds to their intended recipients, as defined by the TVStrong account policies.


As we enter the holiday season, it  is necessary to ask the district and community for additional support in identifying any student directly impacted from this tragedy. Please refer any student in need to the foundation board or refer to our online grant application. The foundation is reviewing grant applications as a board weekly, in order to disperse necessary funding to those in great need. The grant applications are still available at


The Trojan Foundation will continue to establish six scholarships in honor of the lives lost with permission and guidance from the family. We would like to reiterate the funding of said scholarships will be utilized from the separate Trojan Scholarship fund, not from the specified TVStrong donations. These scholarships will in perpetuity honor those lives lost with respect to family approval.


Lastly, we as a foundation would like to express gratitude to all donors and the surrounding community. Your generosity has made it possible to assist those in need. We invite any questions you may have to the Trojan Foundation board listed on our foundation website. We will answer any questions with transparency and urgency. With diligence and resolve this board will see that all donations are committed to the intended purpose: helping the Tuscarawas Valley district heal from this tragedy. Please continue to help our district remain TVStrong!




The Trojan Foundation Board


Tel: 330-859-2421

PO Box 422, Zoar, OH 44697

2637 Tusky Valley Rd NE, Mineral City, OH 44656


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